SP FB Field Design

🏈 Exciting News Alert! 🏈 We just unveiled the final design for our new football field last night at the South Putnam School Board meeting! Check out the attached image and feel free to share the excitement! Get ready for some amazing changes ahead!

🚧 The Motz Group will be bringing this vision to life, with a spectacular field featuring a Flying Eagle center logo and a large South Putnam south end zone logo. Mark Wildman Field will proudly adorn the west and east sides.

ğŸŽ½ But that's not all! As part of the upgrades, the pole vault and long jump areas will be relocated outside the fence to the south end of the field, reducing congestion during track meets and allowing for increased spectator viewing.

👟 The track will sport a sleek gray with crisp white lines, offering a modern touch to the facility.

🚜 Construction kicks off on April 12th, with the excavating phase, and we'll see the shock pad and turf laid down by mid-June. Finishing touches will follow, aiming for final completion by July 31st.

🛠️ Please note: Construction equipment will be set up south of the softball field, with access via the drive by the bus barn. Let's take note of caution signage and keep the area clear for their work to proceed smoothly.

🏁 Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards the finish line! We're getting closer to the big reveal, and we can't wait to share the finished project with everyone! #EaglePride ğŸŽ‰ğŸ‘